We are all just walking each other home
~Ram Das

I offer general counseling for depression, anxiety and relationship issues, as well as EMDR Therapy for Trauma Resolution, PTSD & Complex PTSD. I also practice Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS), Gottman Method and Imago relationship counseling. Other areas of specialization include:

Couples Counseling for all Sexual Orientations

  • Learn to communicate more effectively
  • Finally resolve old issues that seem to keep coming up
  • Get reconnected, find “the magic” again
  • Pre-marital or pre-cohabitation counseling
  • Breaking up/divorcing in a non-combative manner    
  • Healing after an affair
  • Relationship counseling for those living in alternative partnerships (polyamory, lifestyle, etc.)

Issues Related to Pregnancy & Childbirth

  • Processing traumatic or disappointing birth experiences
  • Emotional preparation for labor & birth
  • Healing from pregnancy loss, stillbirth or abortion
  • Examining & healing from your own childhood before becoming a parent
  • Coping with infertility or secondary infertility  
  • Moving through postpartum depression, anxiety or “the baby blues”

Parenting Issues

  • “Baby-proofing” your relationship
  • Redefining your identity as a person after you’ve become a parent, and again when the kids leave home
  • Using creative/effective discipline & help with limit-setting
  • Communication skills for parents
  • Help for parents who were abused as children and lack a template for loving parenting
  • Effective co-parenting after divorce/break-up
  • General parenting concerns & issues that arise throughout the development of your children & yourself as a parent

Trauma Processing & Resolution

  • EMDR Therapy for “Big T” and “Small t” traumas (from combat trauma, to car accidents, to schoolyard bullying, parents divorce, etc.) EMDR Therapy is effective in treating a wide range of distressing experiences which may be keeping you stuck today.
  • Help for survivors of physical, emotional, sexual, and verbal abuse
  • Healing from narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, etc.


  • “Adulting” help & support during this important phase of development (ages 18-30ish)
  • Personal growth, spiritual exploration, and crises of faith
  • Boundary setting with difficult people

If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me?
~ Maya Angelou